Enjoyed a lot at ‘All Slots Casino’

Last year I went to Australia to meet my cousin. He had a job there in a company. So he called me to his house. I too wanted to go at some place to spend my vacations, so I agreed. I was so excited on my trip for a new place. When I reached there he met me at the airport. At the night we took our supper. Then we decided to go for fun in a bar. After that he took me to a casino named as All Slots Casino. I saw that the environment of the casino was full of cheers and excitement. Everybody was playing there for fun and for winning cash prices. As I was new to this place but my cousin knew a lot, so he told me all about the all slots casino.

There we got the latest offers and welcome bonuses to play the games. I became so curious to play after getting all information about it. There were a lot of choices to play. Different kinds of games were there to play. I found a new classic adventure, on a slot machine. I found myself much more comfortable on that machine. The UI and graphics was too good. I started playing with the bonus I got there. After sometime I won free coins and then bonuses. I became the first to win the grand offer of the day. I was playing until they forcibly asked me to leave that machine. Other persons also wanted to try their hands. My cousin also won a lot of prices. We both enjoyed our winnings.

After playing till late night we come to home. But I told you that I wanted to play more. It’s all because of the fantastic environment and good services of the all slots casino. Then I came to know the online service of it. I got the website and found that they were providing 1100 dollars bonus to join them. There were a lot of latest games on the website. For every new player they provide free bonuses to start and then you can play more by downloading it. They also provide the mobile and smartphone apps to play online. I like most the VIP program because unique gifts are given there. From that time I continue used to play online and I have won jackpots many times. All Slots casino make me the expert in gaming.

Chocolate Factory slot: The Game Changer

Being an introvert kind of person I don’t really like going to parties and stuff. But here is this one party I will never forget that experience, I meet my best friend there, his name is jeff. He take the hell out of shyness from me and and made me confident as well. When I first observed him in the party, he was all surrounded with girls and very high with the drinks. And he was also observing me as I was sitting all alone in the corner, then eventually he came to me and gave me his card and told me to call him later. It all went like a movie scene.

The next I was out of city for some work, and when I came back to Brisbane I called him and arranged a rendezvous at hunter valley. And When he came there he was completely a different person all suited and well dressed, like prince charming of a fairy tale story. I introduced myself and my first question to him was like, “what is your profession?” he gave me this great answer, “nothing” he then proceed and introduced himself and told me that he just gamble for this lavish lifestyle. I didn’t really believe him first. So I insisted him to show me some of his magic while playing the game. So he took out this very high price phone out of his pocket and opened some app called “chocolate factory”. I think it was the name of the online slot he was currently playing. Then he told me about the game and how it works and stuff. It is a new five reel, nine payline video slot game which means there will be five winning combinations to win the jackpot. The very major thing about the game was that it offers two bonus and a very easy to play game for the beginners with simple graphics and rules. So I started hanging out with him frequently and he helped me winning the game and the money I earned gave me the confidence to live without fear.

Short Trip Made Me Big Money

I had this thing with me whenever I play online slot staying out of the country, then my fortune always stay brightened. I have tried and noticed this many times. It was the time when I was on a short trip to Florida. It was the marriage of roommate’s brother, since I was not very willing to go there but my friend insisted so much and made me ready. Off course he was handling all the expenses of the trip. On our way to Miami I tried playing this new game I heard about recently, “The cashapillar slot” so I thought of giving it a try. But as I mentioned earlier the luck was not really in my favor and I didn’t do well.

Reaching there, when we were in the hotel room, I took some rest and then thought of wandering the city as the function was scheduled for next day. I got ready and when I came out it was raining like hell which really pissed me off. Then I barely had another option so I took out my phone and start playing that very game on its official app. As I mentioned mentioned earlier about this thing with me, and then I thought that whatever happens happens for something good. As now I had the chance to win some bonuses and recover some damage I had while travelling. And guess what I really made plenty of bucks and felt very happy, although the microgaming’s new was also very good even if you are not playing it for money. And I also gave the slot a very nice review on my other blog.