Fun in the Wild Jungle with 50 Lions

Last week I went to US for a business meeting for representing my company. I reached there in the morning at the corporate office where the meeting had to be held. In the evening at the end of the meeting I had to leave from there. But due to some reasons my flight had been cancelled for that day. Then I had no other option except to stay there. So I hired a room in a nearby hotel for the night. I was alone in my room so I was getting bored. But it was raining heavily so I couldn’t go outside for fun. I did chats with friends for some time but soon they all were offline. So I decided to search online for fun. Then suddenly my search stopped when I found a game named 50 Lions on a website.

I became so pleased to find this. Because it’s theme is based on the wild forest of Africa. I have heard a lot about the wild jungles of Africa. That’s why I became so excited to play this. My dream to go in that forest seemed to come true with this. It was paid but not for big amount. I made payment with my credit card. I got welcome offers there. It has 5 reels and 50 pay line. It also has a number of bonus features with free spins and scattered rewards. The symbols used in the 50 lions are as supposed to be. There are symbols of the wild animals found in jungles of the Africa. Such as lion, zebra and giraffe, etc. I started playing it and played until I didn’t go to sleep. I found it so amazing and won a lot of prizes too. You can double your win by selecting the right color combination of the cards.

I played it during my whole return journey. Now I play it whenever I get free time. This is the best one I have played ever. The colorful theme and good user interface can attract any player who sees it first time. Through the whole play you have a curiosity that what will going to happen next. That’s why this provides full fun during the whole play. You will be lost in this if you play it. If you wanted to go in the wild Africa then make your trip with this game online from your home. You will find out a new world of wonder. Keep enjoying it.

All The Best Casinos Loyalty Cards & Programme

Hearing the word carnival there is only one city that came to my mind instantly which is the Rio de janeiro. Last year I had an amazing street party there and meet some very amazing people down there. It was all like I saw in films and television, as it was my first visit to Brazil.

Actually I got the idea of going in to a carnival fest, when one of my friends shared his pictures of his encounter with the event on Facebook. At that very moment I have decided that I would certainly go for a festival like this. So first I planned to go by some cruise or by water but then dropped it because of the delay. It was the trip that I needed at most to ease me from the stress of life, the freedom you feel when you forget everything is just indescribable. I just loved the people, the culture, the energy and the aura of the place.

Getting there I didn’t have to think about the arrangements, as I had family to stay with during the Carnival period, the very period when hotels and inns stays very expensive and fully booked. I just simply grabbed my packing bag and caught the flight to the destination. Coping the time when you are on your way to something exciting and fun is another problem. For which I have the solution of playing online casino games on my android mobile app. Since I was going for a carnival fest, it made me look for the game that should be based on the very theme. I goggled and found this carnival slot machine game, a five reel, nine pay line video slot, which is based on the carnival theme. That game really made my way pretty easy and short for the ultimate fun.

since i liked the game pretty so i thought of having its loyalty programme, the reason behind it was i am thinking of playing it again and again. this service is offered to regular players that play very often on the website. and when you take the membership they offer you a loyalty card that gave you access to the premium features that comes along with it.

Free Online Pokies With Free Spins Real Money No Download No Deposit Bonus And Pay Via Paypal To Buy Credits

This post is about my favorite variety of the games that I use to play from the long time till the day I started understanding this term more accurately. As I grown up, the things and my taste started changing. I moved towards the things with the immense adventure and the risk involved so that my life will get some taste and spark into it. So I started to have the trial of the slot as they supposed be of the most interest of the people.

Certainly if you want to win then you got to play online pokies for fun as well, you cant just worry about wininng and losing all the time. if you are enjoying the aristocrat pokies then the chances of winning get better and if you just want to have fun only then you can go for the free spin no deposit bonus and that way you have no need to buy credits and empty your Paypal account.

And so I also thought that why not I if others can be a winner here. So is started to try in this world of pure luck and chance to check who much fortunate I am. And with the grace of god, I have a good experience here. It felt more than happy when some of my Facebook friends asked me about my secret of winning the jackpot. I was like over the stars and the most biggest and respectable person.

There I thought to share my feel about the Cash Splash which is a famous slot game and gave me plenty of the cash and rewards. The basic strategy that I followed is to have the online reviews frequently that helped me to reach higher so easily. It is more like a gift for me by microgaming with the 15 lines with the 5 logos prompting to so much of the benefiting amount.

It is one of the oldest slot machines being there in most of the casinos and so attracting traffic form the long time since the gambling came into existence to the common people. And i love be part of it anytime.