Adventure and fun with Arctic Fortune

I am fond of adventures. Once I was on a college trip with my friends. The whole trip was full of fun and entertainment. We played there adventure games in the nearby forest. We have learned a lot about ancient adventures. When, we reached back to the hotel where we stayed. We were explaining our work which we did on the trip. We had a lot of fun on our trip. We also got imparted immense knowledge about ancient history. Our trip ended and we were getting bored. So, one of my friends asked me about Arctic Fortune. He knew everything about it. He told me all about the game. It was an adventure for me. I watched the reviews of it, because before starting it I want to know all steps of play.

When I got full details, I started playing it. In the starting I got the welcome bonus to play. I became so happy. Because it was free to start. There were 5 reels and 1024 chances of winning. I became so excited to play. I won some coins at first stage. For more winnings I had to collect the wild symbols which were map. Now watching me, my friends became curious too to play it. We were enjoying a lot with this. I speedup to myself in playing and soon I got the jackpot. Now my friends too won a lot of coins. Then I started to play using paid services. There I won many gifts and cash bonuses. I forwarded its link to my Facebook friends to play. I found thousands of likes for this. All of them found it best one they have played ever.

I became fond of it. I always play it when I get lease time. All the members of my family like this one very much. They always use to play it. We win so many gifts every day. Arctic fortune is the best option for those who like to play adventures. I am sure it gives a lot of fun. It has lots of options for players. Start with your free bonus and get more and more online cashes. You can play it on your laptop or on your tablets and smartphones. Play it and enjoy in the ice age of this.

Fun with Alley Cats on Birthday

I am fond of online gaming. I used to play it whenever I get lease time. Last week I attended a birthday party of my childhood friend. I dressed to myself and go there. The party was in a nearby hotel and my all friends grouped there together. We have cafe and bar also in the hotel. We eat pizza and drink bear. We enjoyed a lot in the party. It was such a grand party that all of us were dancing on music in the bar. It was so amazing. When the party ended, it was late night so we all decided to stay in the hotel. Now I got the time to play a game. I found a new one after searching on the internet. It was Alley Cats. It was so funny and easy to play.

I started playing it after I got the whole information about it. I was an interesting one. It had different rounds and all rounds were so curious. When I was playing my friends were doing chats on Facebook. When they saw me playing it they too became interested in it and started playing it. They told me that it was a nice one for them. In the alley cats you must have patience. Because at each level you find a new challenge and you will win when you play in a right way. You have to take care of obstacles in it. Otherwise you will be beaten and drop your play.

My friends were playing with fun and they won at each level. They were pleased to find a new challenge one after another. All the time they won prices. They were at the middle of it. I reached at the last level to win. We were playing like a competitor for other and fighting to play and win this game. We played till the last and won it. It was cheerful winning for all of us. From the day we started and till now we are continue to playing it. There are new versions available online to play. New versions have more clear graphics utilities and good sound quality. I can say that no other than this will give you an interesting challenge. If you are ready for a new challenge play it and win.

Fun in the Wild Jungle with 50 Lions

Last week I went to US for a business meeting for representing my company. I reached there in the morning at the corporate office where the meeting had to be held. In the evening at the end of the meeting I had to leave from there. But due to some reasons my flight had been cancelled for that day. Then I had no other option except to stay there. So I hired a room in a nearby hotel for the night. I was alone in my room so I was getting bored. But it was raining heavily so I couldn’t go outside for fun. I did chats with friends for some time but soon they all were offline. So I decided to search online for fun. Then suddenly my search stopped when I found a game named 50 Lions on a website.

I became so pleased to find this. Because it’s theme is based on the wild forest of Africa. I have heard a lot about the wild jungles of Africa. That’s why I became so excited to play this. My dream to go in that forest seemed to come true with this. It was paid but not for big amount. I made payment with my credit card. I got welcome offers there. It has 5 reels and 50 pay line. It also has a number of bonus features with free spins and scattered rewards. The symbols used in the 50 lions are as supposed to be. There are symbols of the wild animals found in jungles of the Africa. Such as lion, zebra and giraffe, etc. I started playing it and played until I didn’t go to sleep. I found it so amazing and won a lot of prizes too. You can double your win by selecting the right color combination of the cards.

I played it during my whole return journey. Now I play it whenever I get free time. This is the best one I have played ever. The colorful theme and good user interface can attract any player who sees it first time. Through the whole play you have a curiosity that what will going to happen next. That’s why this provides full fun during the whole play. You will be lost in this if you play it. If you wanted to go in the wild Africa then make your trip with this game online from your home. You will find out a new world of wonder. Keep enjoying it.