Short Trip Made Me Big Money

I had this thing with me whenever I play online slot staying out of the country, then my fortune always stay brightened. I have tried and noticed this many times. It was the time when I was on a short trip to Florida. It was the marriage of roommate’s brother, since I was not very willing to go there but my friend insisted so much and made me ready. Off course he was handling all the expenses of the trip. On our way to Miami I tried playing this new game I heard about recently, “The cashapillar slot” so I thought of giving it a try. But as I mentioned earlier the luck was not really in my favor and I didn’t do well.

Reaching there, when we were in the hotel room, I took some rest and then thought of wandering the city as the function was scheduled for next day. I got ready and when I came out it was raining like hell which really pissed me off. Then I barely had another option so I took out my phone and start playing that very game on its official app. As I mentioned mentioned earlier about this thing with me, and then I thought that whatever happens happens for something good. As now I had the chance to win some bonuses and recover some damage I had while travelling. And guess what I really made plenty of bucks and felt very happy, although the microgaming’s new was also very good even if you are not playing it for money. And I also gave the slot a very nice review on my other blog.